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Welcome to the Other Side!

Welcome to the Paranormal World Wiki. I am also the creator of the Tumblr blog 'Campfire Creeps' and the WordPress site 'Bridge to Magonia'. This site has a much broader scope - literally anything unexplained will be discussed and documented here. If you are also serious about studying the unexplained and Fortean, please feel free to do some editing and addition to this passion project of mine.

My Passion

Ever since I was a young child, I have been fascinated by the things that science cannot explain - be this UFOs and aliens, cryptozoology, ghosts and life after death, or even religious miracles. I have attempted to make several different websites chronicling my ongoing research into the paranormal, and the most recent one was Tumblr. Obviously, Tumblr has since collapsed thanks to 'female presenting nipples'. So my paranormal research and case files have been relocated here!

Latest activity

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