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White Rock Lake is a nice little suburban lake on the outskirts of Dallas, Texas. The northern part of the lake is considered to be a state park, while the southern section has been allowed to be converted into lakefront estates. This sense of urban tranquility, however, is apparently quite often shattered by the malevolent hairy presence of the legendary Goatman. Stories abound about picnicking couples on the shores of the lake being hectored by the terrifying humanoid, which is apparently known to throw large tires at those it doesn't like.

Panic at White Rock

A slightly-cropped illustration of the Goatman

Sandy Grace spoke to Nick Redfern to recount her harrowing encounter with the White Rock Lake Goatman, which took place in August of 2001. She was jogging along a nine-mile-long trail around the aforementioned lake at roughly 2pm. Under a minute before she would come face-to-face with the horned humanoid creature, she suddenly found herself overwhelmed by an intense sense of dread, which seemed to result from no particular stimulus. She claimed that she had never experienced a panic attack before, but she guessed that this was probably the best approximation of her state of mind at the time.

The creature suddenly started purposefully walking towards Grace from the thick nearby forest. She described it as being a large humanoid covered in thin, coarse brown hair. Two large horn-like protrusions emerged from its forehead, and it bore an evil grin on its face as it swiftly advanced on the horror-stricken witness. However, once it got to within roughly 15ft of the hysterical walker - the creature immediately crouched down on all fours and proceeded to literally vanish in a flash of light.

Utterly boggled by the bizarre event, Grace clarified to Redfern that she was totally certain that the vision had not been hallucinatory in nature - but also confessed that she had no idea that anything like what she had seen could possibly exist on the face of the planet. Redfern also noticed that the sudden induction of hysteria in the witness sounded a lot like the so-called 'Panic in the Woods' which would be triggered by the presence of the ancient Greek god Pan, according to the traditional mythology in which his existence is discussed.


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