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Falls City is situated in Richardson County, Nebraska - and it was the site of a bizarre encounter with what was described as a 'demonic' creature. This alleged demon appeared to be clad in some kind of a mechanical harness allowing it to fly through the air - which is a feature that we have seen in some other reports, including Kazakhstan's Jetpack Monstrosity - but this horrific entity was seen from much closer up. This was going to be a close encounter of the terrifying kind.

A Fallen Angel in Falls City?

John Hanks (pseudonym) was out late one night in the latter months of 1956 when he came face-to-hideous-face with a 9ft-tall creature unlike anything he had ever seen before. His case was investigated by Ken Gerhard - an expert on flying humanoid encounters - who said that what Hanks claimed to have seen was like something straight out of the works of HP Lovecraft.

Multicoloured lights spanned the undersides of the monster's 15ft wings, illuminating the fact that they appeared to be made from a shiny metal like aluminium. These wings seemed to be strapped to the entity's body, and some kind of panel sat in the middle of the creature's chest. Hanks speculated that this contained a control mechanism of sorts, which could be used to manage the critter's flight. The creature emitted a haunting hiss which sent chills scuttling up and down the spine of the terrified witness.

The most frightening aspect of this happening was the appearance of the monster's face. It was described as having large and 'watery' eyes which stared at Hanks with unadulterated malevolence. Its skin was brown and battered, being compared to leather. These horrific features were what prompted Hanks to speculate that the critter before him must've been something from the depths of hell.

Luckily, this bona-fide hellspawn didn't stick around at the scene for long. Instead, it took flight within mere moments of catching sight of the horrified witness, and completely vanished into the sky just seconds after that. The monster would never again return to Falls City, and one can only imagine how relieved John Hanks is about this fact...


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