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Rumours of weird hairy creatures lurking in the snow-frosted forests of Pennsylvania have long spread in the dark corners of local folklore, but as of February 2013 one woman claims to have captured one such enigmatic entity on camera. Although some commenters on the picture have said that they 'couldn’t take a worse photo if they tried', the creature in the image certainly seems to be something out of the ordinary.

Getting Trolled

The photograph in question.

Taking to the ever-trustworthy tool for the distribution of undeniably important information, a woman named Polly shared a bizarre photograph that one of her friends had apparently taken in the early months of 2013. This friend lives on a rural property in Pennsylvania, and allegedly caught sight of the hirsute horror as she was calling her two black chow dogs in from outside. She was frightened when the creature didn't run away from her, as one would expect a wild animal to do when confronted with noisy dogs and their owner.

She described the horrendous humanoid as looking 'like a little gorilla', and apparently both she and Polly believe that what she was a juvenile sasquatch. The denizens of the internet have since decided to call this creature a troll, on the grounds that it doesn't quite fit the description of an average hairy humanoid. The friend confirmed that she knows exactly what a bear looks like, and this was most certainly not one of those. The photo also seems to confirm this, seeing as it quite blatantly depicts a gangly, crouched humanoid creature with a four-legged posture similar to that of a gorilla. However, that is the only thing which the photo depicts...

100% Genuine Blobsquatch

This costume is apparently named the 'Soul Walker', and I think that this sort of costume could've been worn by a prankster to convince the witness that she was looking at a juvenile sasquatch.

The photo itself, like any good paranormal picture, shows little more than a vaguely monster-shaped blob. This is obviously due to the zoom having been cranked up to max in order to take the picture, but it renders the image incredibly difficult to analyse. I have no idea as to the identity of the entity in the shot, but I would suggeset that it might be someone wearing a costume with stilts on the arms. I think it's a fairly good fit. Perhaps this could've been a prank?